New lease on the ground in the apartment building where the home is located has expired.

The owner of the apartment complex, which has four units, told The Associated Press that the tenant who had rented the unit for the past three years had no previous problems with the landlord and that the new lease was signed at the beginning of August.

The lease has expired and the landlord is not renewing it, according to the building manager.

The new lease is for a unit that will have one bedroom, and it has been used for about two years, the manager said.

The apartment complex has an occupancy rate of about 6 percent.

The manager declined to say how long the tenant had been renting the apartment, or what the rent was for the three years that he has been living there.

“The tenant was just having a good time,” the manager told the AP.

“We’re a family here and it was just something he enjoyed.”

The AP has not independently confirmed the report.