New dental treatment treatments may prevent tooth decay, Australian dental researchers have said.

Dr Elizabeth Tovey, from the Australian Dental Association, said there was evidence the treatments worked.

“We’re seeing some positive results with the tooth paste and the crown paste and also with the fluoride and the dental fillings, so there is some evidence that we can actually have a positive impact on tooth decay,” she said.

“What we’re also seeing is there’s some positive data that has been observed from the other side of the continent that has shown there are some positive outcomes.”

Dr Toveie said the most promising treatments were the toothpaste and the tooth fillings.

“If you have a tooth that’s hard to get and the fillings aren’t doing it, it’s a concern.”

So that’s what we’re seeing now with the dental treatments.

“They’re the most effective, they’re the least costly, and they’re also very effective in preventing tooth decay.”

She said the treatment of dentures was a “big step forward” in reducing tooth decay.

“In fact, I think it’s the most exciting thing we’ve seen in the dental profession for a very long time,” she added.

“And we’re starting to see evidence of this being able to prevent tooth damage, so it’s an exciting development.”

Dr Julie Hatton from the National Dental Foundation said dental care was important to everyone.

“As we all know, if we’re not being healthy, if our teeth are falling out, or if we have cavities, then we’re having a bad time,” Dr Hatton said.