A new type of water cleaner has hit the market, and if you have a pet, there’s no better way to clean it than by replacing the lid.

But the lid is so fragile that you might not want to risk the water’s safety while using the device.

But as the company that makes the water cleaner, Kinko’s, recently told CBC News, its not a replacement for a dental deep cleaning.

The new water cleaner features a built-in lid that makes it easy to clean, unlike the traditional, plastic lid that has been known to scratch.

The company says the lid can be opened with a push of a button and replaced with a new one when needed.

But even that isn’t an option if you use the device on a daily basis.

And if you’re worried about the new water cleaner not cleaning properly, the company warns that the manufacturer will replace the lid after just a few weeks.

Kinkos says it was testing the new device in a lab, and after a week, the lid had dried out, so it couldn’t be replaced.

So instead, the new lid has to be washed and cleaned in the same way you would a dental cleaning.

“The lid is designed to be removable, but it’s also designed to last and be cleaned,” said the company in a statement.

“We are working with the manufacturer to replace the plastic lid in the coming weeks.”

But Kinkofs’ statement comes at a bad time for those who rely on the device for their dental cleaning needs.

“I think it’s important to make sure you get a good quality product,” said Julie Dettwiler, president of the Professional Cleaners Association of Canada, which represents many dentists and other health care professionals.

“If it is something that is so easily breakable, you don’t need it.

If you’re a dental assistant or you’re just someone who’s not used to using it and has to go to a machine, it’s not a good choice.”

Dettweiler said that if you are using the water cleaners on a regular basis, she’s not sure why the company is not providing a warranty for the device after just six months.

She said the manufacturer has already been sending out an email with a link to the manufacturer’s warranty, but that doesn’t say anything about the manufacturer getting a refund.

“You just want to make the best decision for you, because the warranty is only for the first two years,” Dettwatersaid.

“When it’s three years, then they’ll reimburse you, but I think it would be more reasonable to send them a refund to help with the replacement.”

But it’s unlikely that the warranty would help the consumer who wants to replace their water cleaner.

“That’s not the goal,” said Dettwaltersaid.

The water cleaner maker said that the device was tested in a laboratory and it was able to safely and effectively clean both a dental and a dental cleaner.

“In all the test results, the water cleanser was tested against a variety of cleaning products and materials and was able perform to the highest of the standards,” said Kink of the water cleaners performance.

Kinks website says it has been working with a manufacturer to get the new WaterCleaner back in stock.

“This is a high quality product and will be available to all dental professionals for the next two years.

If a replacement lid is not available, we will offer a replacement with a one-time charge of $15.”

But Dettwerlsaid said it’s hard to imagine that someone would just go through the trouble of replacing a water cleaner because the company says its not an exact replacement.

“Even if they do a full-scale replacement and it’s in perfect condition, you can’t guarantee it will be in pristine condition for two years or even a year after that,” she said.

“It’s just not a practical way to have to replace a water cleanener because you can just buy a new lid.”

KinkO’s new water cleaners will be sold through its website.