Commercial carpet cleaners have come under fire for allegedly using ‘human waste’ to remove carpet and other hardwood furniture and surfaces.

Key points:One man in South Australia is suing commercial carpet cleaners for using human waste to remove furniture and hardwood sources ABC NewsOne man has accused the cleaners of using human feces to remove his carpet source News Corp.

One man said he was “deeply ashamed” of the cleaners when they first began using his carpet sources News Corp .

The South Australian man, who wished to remain anonymous, claims the cleaners used human waste as a means to remove carpets and hardwoods.

“When you’re in a commercial cleaning business, it’s very easy to use human waste for the cleaning process,” he told News Corp Australia.

“You just scoop it up and put it in a bucket, or just put it on the carpet.

You’re basically just going to throw it into the bucket.”

The man said the cleaners did not use any chemicals or chemicals-treated products in the cleaning of his carpet, and only used water and ammonia.

“It’s the same with the carpets, it was very dirty, it wasn’t clean,” he said.

“They cleaned it and then it was dumped into a bucket.

The bucket had a little bit of human waste in it.”

The cleaning process began in July last year, and the man claims the company is now using a different process to remove the carpet and hard wood.

The man claims he was told the cleaners had a ‘human’ in-house cleaning crew, but he said the cleaning team he saw was “completely different”.

“They didn’t have any human waste, they just put stuff into a little bucket and put a towel on it and you put it down and it was cleaned,” he alleged.

“We went out and bought carpet cleaners and it wasn