A new research study suggests that a vacuum cleaner’s ability to clean up a car’s exhaust can depend on the brand it’s purchased from. 

According to a new study by the Consumer Reports Foundation, the brand of vacuum cleaner you purchase is also important to its performance in cleaning your car.

The study, titled “How Much Should You Pay for a New Car Vacuum Cleaner?” analyzed more than 2,000 consumer responses from a sample of 3,000 people, looking at which vacuum cleaner was the most effective at cleaning up the car’s engine and transmission.

The study found that the brand that consumers chose was the best, as they rated the vacuum cleaner with the lowest performance for the most amount of work.

“There is no one best brand of car vacuum cleaners, but there are several brands that perform well, especially in terms of cleanliness,” says Cara Stegman, a researcher at Consumer Reports.

While a new vacuum cleaner may perform best if it’s well-built and has a good warranty, there’s no telling how much it will actually do for a particular car.

Consumers may also not notice a difference between the brands that are on sale and those that are in the process of being phased out.

In fact, Consumer Reports found that consumers rated the “most expensive vacuum cleaner” by far, with the brands like Levis and Petco coming in second and third.

However, the study also found that a consumer could make a difference when choosing a vacuum that’s best for their vehicle, which means that buying a brand you like can actually make a huge difference in the quality of your car’s cleaning.

“People have found that buying from a brand that they know is going to be reliable and clean and they know their car is going be clean is a good way to go,” Stegmans says.

“It can make a big difference.”