Data cleaning services provider Guterre has been closed down by German regulators after a series of complaints about the quality of the data it was collecting and the quality and quantity of data it provided.

Guterre is the only company in Germany to collect data for the National Agency for Data Protection (DAAP), which is responsible for the protection of data, including the personal data of individuals and companies.

In a statement, the DAAP said it had informed the company that it would be terminating the agreement on 24 April.

The DAAP added that it had asked Guterres owner and operator, Arup, to investigate the issues.

In September, the Federal Court of Justice (FCC) issued a ruling that the data collected by Guterrez was not in accordance with data protection law.

In the same case, the EU’s data protection commissioner, Neelie Kroes, had said that Guterrer had failed to comply with the European Data Protection Directive.

Arup has been a member of the DAap since its creation in 2014.

The company has also faced criticism from human rights organisations, who accused it of not protecting the rights of migrant workers in the construction industry.