Posted September 25, 2018 07:23:31With Xbox One’s launch coming up in less than two weeks, Microsoft is releasing a new anti-dust dust cleaning tool that includes a special dust removal brush.

The new product, called Windex, has been a part of Microsoft’s Xbox One line since 2013, and it was first spotted in September.

The tool, which was first teased back in September, features a metal blade with a blade-like design that can be used to quickly clean the dust and debris off the Xbox One console.

Windex can also be used on a regular blade and can be washed with water.

The product also comes with a new attachment, a Dust Remover Brush, which can be attached to the blade.

The Windex dust remover brush can be found in the Xbox 360 version of the product, and the Xbox one version of Windex comes with an attachment for a new cleaning attachment that can also help clean the Xbox console.

Microsoft is also selling a special “Ultra-Smooth” dust-remover brush, which comes with its own attachment and can also clean the console with the same brush.

Microsoft’s Windex is available for $49.99, and its Amazon price is $79.99.

In a post on its official Xbox One page, Microsoft also detailed the different ways that it uses the dust.

In addition to the dust removers, Microsoft’s team is also using a brush to clean the internal hard drive, which is also an area where dust can accumulate.

Microsoft says that its Windex cleaning brush comes with the ability to remove dust from the internal HDD and drive bay, but the company notes that you should only use it if the machine is being cleaned on the other end of the world.

Microsoft has also stated that it has tested Windex on both the Xbox and the Windows 10 desktop.

The company has also revealed that it will be rolling out Windex to the Xbox Play Anywhere version of its game console next week.