— The newest addition to the world of cleaners and dryers will be coming to Florida next year.

Lofty, heavy-duty vacuum cleaners will be making their way to Florida in the coming months and will cost a combined $2,000 to $3,000 each, according to the company.

They will be able to fit in with the state’s existing carpet cleaning and dryer business.

The first of these will be the Porter’s Clean, a vacuum cleaner with a sleek look.

There are currently about 100 of the new products being manufactured in the United States and the world.

Most of the machines are equipped with air filtration systems, which help clean the vacuum cleaner’s cleaning fluid, according the company’s website.

Packer’s Clean will be one of the first new products made in Florida to make the jump.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our industry to expand in Florida,” said Doug Porter, president of Porter’s Clean.

For the next few months, the company will be shipping new and refurbished models, according with its website. 

“We will continue to work with manufacturers to expand our manufacturing footprint, and to deliver a quality product that will meet the needs of the residential and commercial market,” Porter said in a statement.

This is a beautiful day for the consumer.

It is great to see consumers like you, who buy products from companies like us, and support the industry that provides them with the highest quality and highest service, Porter said.

Florida is expected to be the top market for new electric vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners are used in hospitals, offices, schools and other settings, and the state is home to a large number of these products.

According to a report from IBISWorld, there are about 7 million residential and 7 million commercial vacuum cleaners in the U.S.

The state has more than 30,000 residential vacuum cleaners and about 8,500 commercial, according IBIS World.

While electric vacuum cleaner sales in the state are expected to increase in the next several years, Porter’s plans for Florida’s market are much different than what other companies are doing.

Unlike the large-scale vacuum cleaner companies, Porter does not make any money from the sales of the vacuum cleaners it sells, according its website and in its press release.

Instead, the business is focused on the residential market, which is currently the only market that it will be competing in.

Porter said its goal is to make a “good-value product” for its customers, but that the industry is changing.

 “With the advent of electric and natural gas, the demand for vacuum cleaners has increased dramatically,” Porter wrote.

It also said that the electric vacuum cleaning industry is still growing, and there is no doubt that demand is high.