A new product is on the market for pet cleaners that could save lives.

The product, which uses dog teeth to clean their paws, could save pets’ lives by removing plaque and other debris that can cause problems with breathing, according to the makers.

The products were developed by San Francisco-based Dog Tooth Cleaning Co, a company that specializes in dog dental care.

The new products, which are being introduced this month, use a special type of bone collagen that can be found in dogs.

The makers say the new product could be used to help prevent dental infections, such as cavities, from occurring.

The company said it will be able to sell its products for $100 per kilogram.

They were developed in partnership with the Veterinary Medical Research Institute of Australia, which works to prevent dental injuries from occurring in dogs, said a statement from Dog Tooth.

This is the first time a topical product has been developed for dog dental hygiene.

It was developed by a team of veterinarians, and the research was conducted using dogs that were currently treated with a synthetic version of the collagen.

“Dogs with dental infections are a growing concern worldwide,” said Dr Sarah Bowerman, a veterinary microbiologist at the University of NSW in Sydney.

“With the rising numbers of dog bites, there is a growing need for effective, safe and affordable topical veterinary dentistry for dogs.”

The results of this study show that topical formulations can be used for canine dental hygiene and are safe and effective for preventing canine infections.

“The products are designed to work by absorbing the collagen and other nutrients in the teeth.

The firm has also developed a gel that can help relieve inflammation and plaque buildup in the canine gut.

It said the gel works by removing debris from the surface of the dog’s teeth, so that it can be removed easily.

Dog teeth are an important part of a dog’s diet.

They are a major source of dietary fibre, calcium, vitamins, enzymes and vitamins B12 and E.

The use of dog teeth for dental hygiene is not unheard of in the United States.

In 2016, a US company, KivaDentures, created a gel made from canine teeth that can remove plaque from the lining of dogs’ mouths.

KivaDental also sells toothpaste for dogs and other pets that can contain the collagen-rich material.