A new toothbrush has been developed by a Swedish funeral cleaning company to help prevent tooth decay and get rid the dead and rotting teeth from the body.

The new dental cleaning machine uses a small brush to clean the teeth while you have a mouth full of fresh teeth.

The brush is made from titanium dioxide which is used to keep teeth clean.

The machine is designed to be used on all body parts including your feet, arms and face.

The device can be used for brushing your teeth and for cleaning your mouth, teeth and gums.

The company is also developing a similar device to clean your mouth while you sleep.

Dr. Erik Bergström, the CEO of The Swedish Dental Institute, said the machine would save the health of people who have to spend time away from their families and loved ones for treatment.

“It is a wonderful product, I hope that it will save lives and it will be used to help save lives in other countries,” he said.

Dr Bergstrøm said the device could save up to a third of the time spent at home cleaning by the user.

He said the brush would also reduce the need for the use of costly dental instruments such as an enamel scrubber.

“The machine is more effective when used with a dental hygiene system,” he told ABC.

Dr Brynn Eriksson, a member of the Swedish Duralist Association, said it was important to ensure the health and well-being of the people that were using the machine.

“It’s important to have a dental health system that is designed for people to stay well, for them to get the best dental care,” she said.

The dental cleaning device uses a soft titanium dioxide brush that uses an electrostatic force to move the teeth.

It can be purchased for about $40.

Dr Eriksman said the dental cleaning devices were a natural extension of the country’s dental care system.

“I think we’re moving to the point where we should start talking about health in the 21st century,” she added.

Dr Dina M. Bjørklund, a professor of dental hygiene at the Swedish Medical University, said many people who were not fully aware of dental health needed to be educated about the dangers of decay.

“If you do not have dental care you will get cavities, tooth decay, tooth abscesses, gum disease,” she told ABC News.

She said there was a huge need for more research into dental care in Sweden.

“There are very few dental practices in Sweden, and many people do not know that the disease of decay is very serious,” Dr Bjørdlund said.

“So, it is important to get dental care, and that means the whole body.”

Dr Björklund said it could take about two years to develop the device.

She also said the company’s dental cleaning system could help prevent dental caries, the accumulation of plaque and other hard-to-remove deposits that can cause dental problems.

“A lot of people can’t take their dental care for granted,” she explained.

The Swedish health minister said it would be “totally irresponsible” not to invest in dental care.

“We should invest in everything, so it is not surprising that people don’t know that it is very important,” he added.