The dog has teeth and they are fine, the cleaning lady says.

But the man who received the toothbrush said he is a dog lover and wants his dog to be clean and healthy.

The man, who asked not to be named, was cleaning the backyard of his home in the town of Ora, south of Tokyo.

When the dog was hungry and the lady noticed it was missing some of its toothbrushes, she asked the owner if he would let the dog out and get the toothbrushing, he said.

“I think the lady did a great job and it was perfect,” he said in a video posted on the company’s Facebook page.

I am a dog fan.

So I thought if I could have a good experience with my dog I might as well get a good toothbrush.

I want the dog to have fun and get healthy.

I thought that might be good for the dog.

I would definitely recommend this toothbrush for someone who enjoys their pets.

But I can tell you it did not work.

I was a little upset because I had not expected it to be so good.

After the cleaning, the man said he did not get the next toothbrush, which he said was not as good as the first one.

He then complained to the cleaning company and was told that he could not get a refund because he had paid for the product.

A cleaning company spokesperson told the news site that it was unclear if the man received a refund for the cleaning and the cleaning staffs refund.

It’s not the first time that cleaning products have caused trouble for people who buy them online.

Last year, the company apologized for the toothpaste that was not the correct kind, the Huffington Post reported.