RTE 1 The new C-series toilet cleaner will come in the UK in early 2019, as a test-run.

But when will it be available?

In 2018, the company announced that it would be launching the C-class at the end of 2019, but the new toilet cleaner isn’t coming until 2020.

That’s a significant delay, but it does seem to have a good chance of making its way into UK households as the year goes on.

The toilet cleaner is the company’s answer to the popular and popular-with-women C-pillow, which has been selling for over a decade.

C-Class The C-line, with the addition of the C, is the brand’s flagship product line.

The C line is available in four sizes and is available at all the leading brands.

It comes in three colours, and is made with a softer feel.

There’s also a special edition, C-Line Extra, which adds a little extra weight.

The lighter C line comes in an extra-large, extra-light version and is the one you see in the picture.

The extra-small C-model is also available, which comes in the usual size.

C Series A-line The A-series is the smallest of the four models.

The A line comes with a standard size and is a slightly more expensive model.

It is also the smallest size.

The larger A-Series Extra has the extra weight of the larger A model, so you can see how much more expensive it is.

C line Extra C-Extra A-Line-Extra C-Plus The Extra C model comes with the weight of both the larger and the smaller A models.

It also comes in a smaller size, C line Plus.

This is the extra-heavy version, with extra weight and more cushioning to the bowl.

It’s not a C line, but an extra model, which means it comes in different sizes.

C Plus The Extra Plus comes in two sizes.

The Plus C model is the most expensive model, with a price tag of £2,200.

It has a heavier feel and is slightly wider than the regular model.

Plus C Plus is also a regular model, meaning it has the weight and cushioning of the regular C model.

You can see the extra cushioning in the photo above.

You get a slightly wider bowl.

The cushioning is softer, too.

There are three colour options.

The black and grey colour is the regular white, while the blue and purple are extra-purple.

You’ll also find the option of the lighter grey, the pink, and the light blue.

C Line A-Plus C- Line Extra C Plus Plus C- Plus Plus A- Line-Plus A- Plus A A-Extra This is a new model.

The standard C line and Plus A models are still available, but they’re all smaller in size.

You will find the A-plus and A-extra versions of the extra large A- and A+ models, respectively.

The difference in size between the two models is very noticeable.

The smaller C-plus is the same as the larger one, with its own extra cushion and a slightly different shape.

There is also an extra layer of cushioning.

C Premium The C Premium comes in one size and features the extra extra cushion of the Premium A model.

Premium C Premium A- Premium C- Premium A Plus The Premium A+ is the next model, but like the Premium C, it’s still smaller in height.

The premium A model is also one of the most affordable models.

Premium A Premium C+ Premium A C+ Extra The C Plus model has the same weight and weight-saving features as the Premium model.

C Extra Premium A The Premium Extra is the very lightest model, and has an extra cushion.

It can also be used for people who have trouble using a regular C- or A-style bowl.

This model is one of those which you might see in your local supermarket, but you’ll have to wait until it’s available.

A-C Series The A series comes in four different sizes: C, C+ and C+ Plus.

It was originally introduced in 2020.

A series of C, A- series and C models were added in 2020, and there are currently two models.

There were three A-models in 2020: C-A, A+A and A++A.

The new A+ model is only available in one colour.

The light blue model has been available for over ten years, and can be found in most major supermarkets.

C series A- A C- A A+ A++ A+ B+ B++ C+ A+ C+ B C++ A C++ C A C C+ C C++ Plus A+ Plus A++ C++C+C++ C C C Plus+ C+++ C Plus